I’m Adrian Bijloo and graduated in Illustration & Graphics at the Royal Art Academy in The Hague, Holland. Since more than twenty-five years I’m working as an illustrator and comic artist. Where necessary, I work together with a team of professionals for larger jobs or more specialized work such as animations, 3D drawings or creating apps. I think my work shows my skills, disciplines and different kind of styles. My work can best be described as “comic-like illustrations” (I find it a great compliment!) and that is not surprising when you know that I am strongly influenced by French comics in general and the comic artists Franquin (Spirou) and Hergé (Tintin) in particular.

I illustrate a lot for (educational) publishers like Oxford University Press (UK), Cambridge University Press (UK), Benchmark Education Company (USA), HarperCollins (UK), Hometown World Publishers (UK), Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishers (USA), IGLOO Books (UK), CleanSlate Press (New Zealand) and in Holland for publishers like Kwintessens, Fontaine, Delubas, TeamTalento, CWG Media, Ambrasoft, Noordhoff, Squla, OWG, Eduliga, Luktut, Lecturama and Liverse. I also illustrate for a diverse range of clients such as Mattel (USA), Ministry of Education and Agriculture, nationwide newspapers such as De Telegraaf, Identity Games and many more.

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